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Obtaining your PermitDriving Permit
MUST be purchased BEFORE the First Day of Class 


The following information is important and needs to be followed correctly in order to obtain your training permit.
All Documents must be original and certified.
  1. Original copy and state certified birth certificate ( this is to prove legal name and legal date of birth)
  2. Photo identification (school activity card, a yearbook picture)
  3. Social security card
  4. Verification of Compliance (this can be obtained from your school counselor; this is a form stating the student is enrolled in school)
  5. Photo identification of legal guardian (the parent also needs to sign the permit and will need to prove identification as well as the relationship to the student. If the liable signer has a different last name than the student further documents to verify parent to student will be required. Step-parent’s names will not be allowed on the drivers license as the legal name for the student )
  6. Fee for the permit is $21.50. This is paid to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Once the fees have been paid and a permit has been issued the fees are not refundable)

If there has been any legal name changes, and appears differently than what is on the birth certificate – supporting documents must be present along with all the other documents.

We are aware of the “red tape” that is required to obtain your permit, but this is a legal document and all steps must be followed with no exceptions.
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