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Students are taught the skills and knowledge that will prepare them for the required State of Idaho drivers licensing tests.

*Flexible times to work with your schedule 
*Convenient pick up and drop off locations for student drives
*Driving lessons tailored to your learning style
*Learn critical driving skills and gain confidence driving in tricky situations
*Behind the wheel training with certified, professional and patient instructors
*Behind the wheel training in a top safety rated, inspected and state certified vehicle
*All key learning points for driving:
*Basic Beginner Skills
*Country Driving
*Parking Skills
*Urban Driving
*Freeway Driving
*Destination Driving

Classroom Setting:
*Up to date technology for easy learning
*Hands on activities
*State Certified Instructors
*Idaho State approved curriculum
*Our outgoing instructors make students feel at ease

Additional benefits of Rocky Mountain Driving School:
Guest Speakers From:
*Law Enforcement
*Fire and Emergency Service Departments 
*Sharing the road with Semi-Trucks
*Basic Car Care 101: Changing a tire, checking oil, and proper care of a vehicle

*Traffic Court Field Trip (when available)

All Course Dates and Times are located under the calendar portion of the website.





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